Want to advertise on Retired Worker?

The facts in brief
Our web traffic stats are:
About 200,000 hits per month
About 500 unique visitors per day
The average ad is seen more than 15,000 times a month
How do I start?
All of the advertising on Retired Worker is handled by our agency, 24/7 Canada. You can call them at 416.966.2542, or click here for more information.

Who’s behind Retired Worker?
Retired Worker was created, and is owned by, Sarah Welstead and Max Stocker. Sarah is the President of StayAwake (, a marketing company in downtown Toronto. Max is the brains behind Really Useful Computing (, a website and database consultancy, also located in Toronto.

Linda Welstead (Director of Market Development and Sarah’s mom) was the inspiration for the site: It was her retirement in 2002 that alerted Sarah and Max that there was no service for retired people who wanted to work on a part-time, casual, or seasonal basis. In most cases, when a niche like this is identified, it doesn’t take long for a solution to appear: someone in the target market would build a website in their basement and it would grow organically – without big corporate backing – simply because the pent-up demand was so great. But while internet use is growing fastest among people 55+, few have the advanced programming skills required to create a site like Retired Worker – the solution had to come from somewhere outside the demographic.