The Canadian Sponsorship Immigration Information Guide

Who can be sponsored?

For the motivations behind the family class sponsorship program, a Canadian citizen or permanent Canadian resident can sponsor an outsider to whom they are hitched to, common-law partner or conjugal partner. Same-sex life partners and accomplices are likewise perceived and qualified under these programs and Canadian law. Dependent kids may likewise be supported under this program.

If you are in Quebec and need to sponsor somebody from the family class, you must apply through the Quebec Family Class Program. Toronto sponsorship lawyers are available in cities like Toronto to understand the immigration processes like sponsorship and other laws.

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What is a spouse?

A spouse is defined as a person who is legally married to another person. The applicant must be able to provide a marriage certificate issued by the Canadian province or territory if the marriage took place in Canada.

If the marriage took place in a foreign country and is considered valid, then it is valid under Canadian law too. In case of a marriage which took place in an embassy or consulate, the marriage must comply with the laws of the country where the marriage was performed, and not the laws of the nation in which the embassy or consulate is representing. Toronto sponsorship lawyers can help in understanding any complexity faced my couples.

What is a same-sex spouse?

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor a same-sex partner as a spouse if:

  • The couple was married in Canada and a marriage certificate was issued by a province or territory.
  • Same-sex marriages performed outside of Canada are valid if the marriage is legitimately perceived in the country of where it happened as also under Canadian law.

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What is a common-law partner?

A common-law partner is defined as a couple living together in a conjugal relationship for a minimum of one year which includes same-sex common-law partners. The couple must have been in a conjugal relationship for a continuous 12-month period that was not interrupted except for short absences for business or family reasons.

What is a conjugal partner?

Couples including same-sex couples, who are unable to qualify as spouses or common-law partners, due to exceptional circumstances beyond their control, fall under this category. A conjugal relationship is considered more than a physical relationship. Conjugal partners must also depend and be committed to each other in a way that is like the level of commitment of a married couple or common-law partners. Toronto sponsorship lawyers, present in cities like Toronto, can help identify the partnership type and recommend a solution based on the complexity of the situation.

Acceptance of a conjugal relationship depends on:

  • Maintaining a conjugal relationship with the sponsor for a minimum of one year and could not get married or live together because of circumstances out of their control such as:

o    Immigration-related barriers (for instance, one partner is refused long-term stays in each other’s country)

o    Marital status (for instance, when you are married to someone else already and divorce is not possible in that nation).

o    Sexual orientation (for instance, where a same-sex relationship is not permitted or illegal in the country where the couple was residing).

Couples should not apply as a conjugal partnership if:

  •   The couple could have lived together but did not, demonstrates a lack of commitment that is necessary.
  •   The couple cannot provide any proof of why they could not live together.
  • Couples who are engaged should wait until the marriage has occurred or at least after 12 months of continuously living together


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Paradise Lost – Firing an Employee on Vacation

Regardless of the fact, whether an employee is dedicated to their work or not, an employer has the complete right to fire any employee. It might be noted that employers have the right to fire an employee at any point of time, with or without giving notice to them. However, this ground is not applicable for cases like if a person is terminated solely for discriminatory reasons. In this respect, labour lawyer in Toronto states that if an employee finds that they have been wrongfully terminated, they can easily file a lawsuit against the employer.

Terminating: The Painful Job

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Many employers claim that terminating employees from their job is a painful task. In fact, employers need to keep in mind some legal matters, in order to avoid lawsuits and also from the reputation of the business getting affected.


Remaining Protected from Unlawful Claims

In case an employee feels that he/ she is a victim of discrimination, they can seek for claims. Sometimes the claims are true, sometimes they aren’t. Hence, employers need to be very careful about the termination process. In fact, if they follow certain strategies they can remain safe from the legal hassles and also from the ruckus that a terminated employee might create.


Steps to Be Taken

Labour lawyer in Toronto mentions that employers should take certain strategies into consideration. They are:


Proper Reasonlabour lawyer in toronto

An employer not liking some employee is not enough reason to terminate an employee. So having a valid reason is important or else an employer may face the accusation of discrimination.


Aggravated Damage

Employees owe fair dealing and good faith from their employer in regards to termination. This matter is clearly mentioned within the employment contract. In case of any breach of the policy, the court may stand in the favor of the employee and ask employer to provide punitive damage.

Labour lawyer in Toronto states that if an employee is terminated while he is on a vacation, the court can ask the employer to pay additional damage apart from their due compensation. Hence, it’s better to deal with termination fairly.


Working Notice

Employers won’t be able to provide a working notice to an employee who is on a vacation. According to Employment Standards Act (ESA) working notice becomes ineffective when the notice period accord with a period during the employee’s vacation. Hence, it would be better if the employer defers the notice period till the employee resumes his post. According to labour lawyer in Toronto, the alternative path is to pay the employee due compensation in place of the notice.



While terminating an employee who is on vacation can be the best way to avoid problem. However, another practical difficulty is the manner of termination process. For instance, the way in which the termination is going to be communicated to the employee. Or, the timeline which needs to be provided so they can learn about their severance package.

Hence, employers on consulting labour lawyer in Toronto will get to know the right way and time to fire employees. Terminating employee in correct manner won’t lead to protest from other workers.


Filing for a divorce in Oakville? Think twice

Adultery, violence and incompatibility are the bases for divorce in most cases and also in most countries. These are also the legal grounds which people choose when they are filing for a divorce as they are seen as valid. You can contact Divorce lawyer Oakville for a better understanding of the process.

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If Your Partner Has Committed Adultery

Suspicion does not work in court, so you need to collect hard evidence. The time period of the affair does not matter however it must have occurred before the divorce filing. Even a single slip can be accounted for but the partners must have had an actual physical relationship outside of marriage. Thereby flirting on the internet or over the phone will not be accounted for.  And when it comes to legal custody of the children, if the spouse has never proven to be a bad parent it should not be a problem, adultery usually does not affect custody. Adultery is also not linked with spousal support. You are not entitled to more money even if you have been betrayed according to divorce lawyer Oakville.


Another solid ground for divorce is misconduct. It can range from drinking problems, to drug addiction, spending money on the affair partner, or recklessly investing money into something without the spouse’s knowledge. There have been cases of signature forgery by the husband and of the wife. These cases also lead to the unequal division of property between the spouses if one of them is found guilty of something unforgivable by law. If the spouse is an addict and is in debt because of it, the court may see fit to divide the property unequally.

Another issue is of course spending on the person your spouse is having an affair with. Divorce lawyer Oakville points out that this happens to be one of the most common reasons. If the other spouse can prove them guilty, there will be an unequal division of property.

What you must know about divorce?

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  1. Separation is not the same as divorce. You and your partner may mutually decide to live separately, and make an application to court. The custody of the children has to be discussed next.
  2. If you want to end your marriage legally you will have to file for divorce. That is an order which is signed in court and pertains to the divorce act.
  3. If you were not legally married, you cannot get a divorce. You can opt for a separation citing laws of your region or religion as a basis for your marriage and make an application to court according to divorce lawyer Oakville.
  4. Before the divorce proceedings begin you can opt for couples’ therapy and counseling so until the judge grants your divorce you can choose to reconcile and stop the proceedings.
  5. A lot of people are concerned about how to start the process. The answer is contact a lawyer, and thereby your needs will be catered to.
  6. If you choose to live with your spouse again, a time period of 90 days will be given to you to see if you can work things out during the proceedings. Divorce lawyer Oakville says that if you do not reconcile you can resume the proceedings and move forward with the case.

So, these are the things you need to know if you are getting a divorce. To read more about the family law in Canada, read here!


Why Hire a Private Detective?

What exactly makes an individual hire a private inspector? This can have a lot of answers. There can be multiple reasons behind this. A professional is more prone to gathering better more unbiased, cold, hard, facts.

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A lot of clients just hire a PI to see if their assumptions about a certain person were correct. These clients need to have their motives straight and should not later get emotional regarding a subject. Private detective Toronto says that often clients hire detectives for absolutely personal reasons, be it keeping an eye on a family member with whom they have a legal feud or they need to know whether their spouses are cheating on them. reasons can be various.

Ways of Finding a PI

There are firms you can get in touch with if you are looking for a detective. The internet is a glorious place and there’s nothing that can’t find on it. Make sure the firm you are choosing is licensed, and also insured. There are specific detectives for specific tasks, make sure you have your mind set on what you want to achieve. this will help you in hiring the right detective. Private detective Toronto can be your one stop solution, for any specialist you need.

Know the Subject

You yourself need to do a little homework. You must collect enough information and also do a background check on the person you want pursued. The picture of the person, their name, address, license number, etc. can be examples of things to search for. This will help you to cut the costs involved in the hiring. It will also help your PI to narrow down onto the subject. Private detectives Toronto complains against vague information which does not lead them anywhere and make their task all the more time- consuming.

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Filter Your Information

The detective usually relies a lot on the information provided to him at the beginning. You must make sure that you give them the right information. Be concise and to the point, the details must be accurate and include recent whereabouts of a person. You cannot rely on information collected months ago. Private detective Toronto thereby suggests that you filter the information you have received; in with the important, out with the vague. This will help the search and the entire process. so make sure that you cooperate.

Money Issues

A lot of clients hire detectives to know if their spouses have any assets or money hidden from them. Not the most moral thing to do you are saying? Well, in that case neither is looking into the private life of another a good thing, but we are doing it anyway. Knowing as much as possible about the person you are married to is of optimal importance. You never know if they are involved in something illegal; or something that can get you into trouble. So, call private detective Toronto and find out all you need to know before it’s too late.

For more information on private investigation services contact Mississauga private investigator company:

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Immigration Lawyers Talk about Whether Trump is Good for Business

Immigration Lawyer Mississauga is often questioned if business is pretty good in Trump’s office. The work of immigration lawyers is to alleviate the human suffering by offering secure path to prosperity. The path will help in saving a victim of persecution, leaf new opportunities, and bring a family together. It shouldn’t wind through a minefield.  However, under Trump, this is what they are doing.

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Practice of Immigration Law in Trump Era

The stress of doing the work of an immigration lawyer is nothing in comparison to what their clients are going through. However, this doesn’t mean that it is easy.

There are processing delays across the board and the Immigration Lawyer Mississauga will not be able to tell the clients whether that he/she is giving will be null and void by the tweet made in the evening.

There are hardly any routine cases anymore.  Thus, the lawyers have to say that there is nothing that they can do for them. They do this even if there is a way and the clients are terrified.

The question is if the legal basis of the asylum going to change and the good law stay and whether the law will change in the mid process. Also, it raises the question of there is a chance to re-file before being placed for the deportation proceedings.

The law is changing to shifting sands. There are cases which are being delayed because the attorney general has made it harder for the Central Americans to qualify for the asylum on the basis of domestic or gang violence.

People might feel that the clients of the Immigration Lawyer Mississauga who have entered legally and whose immigration hasn’t expired yet, the administration will not go after them.  However, USCIS is making it easier to deny cases and thereafter include them in the overburdened immigration court for the purpose of deportation.

The administration is making use of chaos to be an offensive tactic. If the system is unpredictable, people will either not or apply for protection. As a matter of fact, they might retreat into hiding for later removal and apprehension.  The administration is pretty adamant on making as many people vulnerable for deporting as soon as possible.

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Understanding Deportation Machine

People seeking asylum will relate tales of the manner in which the law isn’t working in their countries like police supporting the criminal gangs, no chance to tell your part of the story, and bribery as the standard operating procedure.  Immigration Lawyer Mississauga has mentioned that similar things are happening in United States.  Irrespective of having a court order that mandates them to meet the client, they are barred from doing this.

The immigration lawyer is given the task to coax lawful status out of the system which has been reprogrammed as deportation machine. The deportation for the people who are living in the country has already increased without any proper reason, the access to counsel has been denied. As a matter of fact, the higher offices in the land have issued dehumanizing language regarding the clients.

The clients of the Immigration Lawyer Mississauga are treated like criminals but do not have to go through the due process that the criminals get. In the immigration court, the judges have been robbed of autonomy pressurized to take decisions as soon as possible.

For Immigration Lawyer Toronto visit:

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Types of Assault Charges in Canada explained by a Criminal Lawyer

An act of violence is a very simple incident, particularly in the moment which it takes place.  Nonetheless, once things are over and you take a look at the consequences of the moment of violence that is when the things start to become complicated. Violence is something which isn’t ever tolerated in Canada as per criminal lawyer Toronto.  However, the degree to which it is punished or violated might differ. There is great difference in between violence which ends with the disapproval of the general public and the violence with the consequences which have to be addresses by the Canadian legal system.

Assault is one of the serious crimes that a person can commit in Canada. There are different types of assault in Canada which weighs differently in the eyes of law.

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Simple Assault

This is considered to be one of the most basic kinds of assault charge in Canada. criminal lawyer Toronto states that this can be prosecuted in two different ways. In case someone is charge with simple assault as the summary conviction, this is going to be less severe than the other two charges. It can be processed directly by the judge without even requiring a jury or a jail sentence. Nonetheless in more severe cases of this type of assault, it might be treated as an indictable offence that will need more formal court process.

Assault Resulting in Bodily Harm

When a notable injury takes place, a charge can be made for causing bodily harm.  This can be prosecuted in two manner says criminal lawyer Toronto That is with maximum penalty of 18 months or jail and a summary conviction.  In case this is prosecuted as an indictable offence then up to 10 years in prison.

Assault with the Weapon

This assault is exactly what it sounds like. This results in serious and lifelong crippling injuries. As a matter of fact, it can also involve the death of the victim.  Aggravated assault is known to be treated as an indictable offence with a maximum 14 years in prison.

assault in Canada

Sexual Assault

When non-consensual sex involved act of violence or threat, it can be taken as a sexual assault. Like the previous assault, this too has summary conviction along with indictable offense variations with 10 years and 18 months maximum sentence on the basis of the charge.

Sexual Assault with Bodily Harm/Threat/Weapons

This is a severe version of sexual assault. It is known to be charged in a similar manner on the basis of the circumstances. There are both indictable offense sentences and summary conviction. Maximum punishment usually ranges from 18 months to 100 years of jail time as per criminal lawyer Toronto

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Like the aggravated assault, it means there are far more serious consequences and injuries for the victim. Generally, it is tried as an indictable offense. In case a weapon in involved like a gun, the minimum jail sentence during an event of conviction is four years.

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Assaulting Police Officer

When an act of violence against a police officer occurs, it will have its own charge. However, it is prosecuted like the other charges.  On the basis of the circumstance, a police officer assault charge can be an indictable offense or summary conviction.  It will depend on the act.  Criminal lawyer Toronto mentions that all assaults vary when it comes to the severity levels.

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