How to get started:

Signing up as a member is free, and only takes a few minutes. Just click here to create a Skills Profile.

Note to US-based Employees: The US version of Retired Worker can be found at TheRetiredWorker.com . It’s important to sign up, even if you don’t yet see jobs in your area, because the more Employees we have in your area, the more we’ll attract Employers to post jobs in your neighbourhood!

More information for Employees:

What is Retired Worker?
It’s the very first job-search website created just for retired people who want to work.

What does Retired Worker do?
Retired Worker is like a dating service: we match employees to jobs based on skills and requirements, and then we get out of the way.

How do I use it?
Just go to the website (www.retiredworker.ca), and create a profile. It’s all point-and-click, so you don’t need a resumé, and you don’t need to do much typing. From then on, you are automatically matched to new jobs which fit your profile. All you have to do is confirm, once a month, that you are still available and looking for work.

What do I need?
All you need is an email address or a phone number.

Can I send you my resume?
No, Retired Worker doesn’t take resumes. Employees create a Skills Profile, which is then automatically matched to the Job Profile the Employer creates. You don’t need a resume, although if an Employer contacts you, they may ask for one, in which case you can send it directly to them.

How much does it cost?
It’s free.

Do I have any obligation?
No. You can opt-out at any time. We do ask you to confirm, once a month, that you are still interested in working.

Are there any limits on how many jobs I can apply for?
No. You can work as much as you want!

What kind of jobs does Retired Worker have?
Retired Worker specializes in any job that is temporary, part-time, seasonal or project-based. The only kind of job we DON’T specialize in is permanent full-time.

What types of companies post jobs on Retired Worker?
We don’t restrict the types of companies, but we tend to specialize in companies who need help with office work, healthcare, and retail.

Are there jobs in my area?
Retired Worker is headquartered in Toronto. As of January 2004, we have expanded to cover all of Canada and the United States.

How much money will I make?
That’s between you and the employer, and depends on the individual job.

Can I search the site on my own?
Yes. If a new job comes in that matches your profile, then your info will be automatically given to that employer. But you can also search our job postings yourself, and contact the employer yourself.

Will employers be given all my contact information?
No. When they post a job, they are given a list of people which match their requirements – but they are given only an email address, and, if you choose, your phone number. That’s all.

How secure/safe is Retired Worker?
Very. Employers are never given access to any of your personal information unless you choose to give it to them. All our data is stored in a hacker-unfriendly environment, and we do not sell our data to anyone.

What if I have any problems with the site?
If you have any problems setting up your profile, or using the site, you can contact us by email or phone.

What if I have any problems with the employers?
Retired Worker lets employees and employers deal with each other directly, so coming to terms about things like work schedules or wages is the responsibility of the employee. However, we make every effort to ensure that the employers who post jobs are on the up-and-up. If you feel that an employer has deliberately misled you, we want to hear about it. Employers who abuse Retired Worker get banned from the site.

Who’s behind Retired Worker?

Retired Worker was created, and is owned by, Sarah Welstead and Max Stocker. Sarah is the president of StayAwake (www.stayawake.tv), a marketing company in downtown Toronto. Max is the brains behind Really Useful Computing (www.reallyusefulcomputing.com), a website and database consultancy, also located in Toronto.

Linda Welstead (Director of Market Development and Sarah’s mom) was the inspiration for the site: It was her retirement in 2002 that alerted Sarah and Max that there was no service for retired people who wanted to work on a part-time, casual, or seasonal basis. In most cases, when a niche like this is identified, it doesn’t take long for a solution to appear: someone in the target market would build a website in their basement and it would grow organically – without big corporate backing – simply because the pent-up demand was so great. But while internet use is growing fastest among people 55+, few have the advanced programming skills required to create a site like Retired Worker – the solution had to come from somewhere outside the demographic.