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Post a job and it will stay up for one month or until you get 3 automatic matches, whichever is longer. If you haven’t had at least 3 responses within 30 days, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Single job posting $50
Three jobs $125
Unlimited job postings for 3 months $1000
Unlimited job postings for 6 months $1750
Unlimited job postings for 12 months $2500
These prices in effect until October 31, 2004

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Why post a job on Retired Worker?

It’s more cost-efficient.

It’s a fraction of the cost of other employment websites. And you don’t have to count your words like you do with newspaper advertising. Even if you only have a part-time or temporary position to advertise, Retired Worker makes sense.

It reduces your time-to-hire.

When you post a job on Retired Worker, you are automatically emailed a list of the top 10 candidates in our system who meet your requirements – within 24 hours. You can post a job on Monday, contact applicants on Tuesday, and have them in your office by Wednesday morning.

Better candidates.

The typical Retired Worker job-seeker is educated, experienced, and motivated – and they are more interested in doing a good job than they are in earning a lot of money.

Better employees.

Studies have shown that older workers stay on the job longer, take fewer sick days, and have a broader skillset than their younger counterparts.

A diverse talent pool.

Retired Worker is a great place to find experienced workers in fields which experience chronic labour shortages: nurses, technicians, software specialists, doctors – if you’ve got a position, chances are that we’ve got the people.

Forget what you thought you knew.

The face of retirement is changing. Here’s what you should know about people who are using Retired Worker to look for jobs:

  • Most of our members are aged 55-64, but we have members as young as 48 and as old as 80
  • Most of our members have a university degree or better
  • The internet is the single most popular resource used by our members to find jobs
  • The over-55 group is the fastest-growing group in terms of internet use
  • They are just as motivated to ‘prove themselves’ as younger workers

    Aging populations mean that by 2011, there will be more people retiring out of the workforce than there are younger ones entering it. So the question is not so much “Why hire an older worker?” as “Can you afford NOT to hire older workers?”

    Responses to our most popular questions

    What is Retired Worker?
    It’s the very first job-search website created just for retired people who want to work, and the employers who want to hire them.

    What does Retired Worker do?
    Retired Worker is like a dating service: we match employers to potential employees based on skills and requirements, and then we get out of the way.

    We specialize in any jobs that are not permanent full-time (though are users are sometimes looking for these) – anything that is part-time, contract, casual, project-based or seasonal is a good fit for Retired Worker.

    How much does it cost?
    Each job post is $50, or $125/3 postings. Further discount packages can be discussed by emailing sarah@retiredworker.ca.

    How do I use it?
    Just go to the website (www.retiredworker.ca), and create a profile. Employers are prompted for their requirements for the job (like familiarity with Microsoft Office, or experience in retail, etc.), including both skills and skill level – it’s all point-and-click, so there’s very little typing required. You are given a list of employees in the system who match your requirements, and then it’s up to you to contact them directly.

    What do I need?
    All you need is an email address or a phone number.

    How do I pay?
    We take major credit cards, or you can set up an account and pay us by cheque.

    What types of companies post jobs on Retired Worker?
    We don’t restrict the types of companies, but we tend to specialize in companies who need help with office work, healthcare, and retail.

    Are there any kinds of job postings Retired Worker does not accept?
    Retired Worker does not accept job postings for MLM (multi-level marketing), Network Marketing, or Business Opportunities (known as ‘biz-opps’) which require users to pay a fee to become a ‘distributor’, and in which users only make money when they sign up other people who also have to pay a fee – call it what you want, these are pyramid schemes, and we do not, under any circumstances, permit ads for these kinds of ‘opportunities’.

    We reserve the right to remove any posting, at any time, under any circumstances, that we believe is not in the best interests of our users. If you are not sure whether your posting is acceptable, please email us atinfo@retiredworker.ca and we will let you know.

    What geographical area do you specialize in?
    Retired Worker is headquartered in Toronto, but our employers and employees can come from all over North America.

    Can employees search the site on their own?
    Yes. While Retired Worker provides ‘instant matches’ to job postings, employees can also search the site on their own and can apply for specific jobs independently of the matching service.

    How do I get in touch with employees?
    Employers are given a list of potential matches to their job requirements, which includes the employees’ email address and, in some cases, the employees’ phone number. Employers simply send an email or make a phone call directly to make arrangements for interviewing/hiring the employee.

    Does Retired Worker screen or interview employees?
    No. Employees are ‘self-selecting’ – they create their own profiles and enter their skill levels and experience. In our experience, this demographic rarely overstates their skills and knowledge – in fact, generally speaking they tend to underestimate their abilities. However, we do our best to make sure everyone is on the up-and-up, so if you find that a potential employee has deliberately misled you about their skills and experience, we want to know about it.

    How secure/safe is Retired Worker?
    Very. All our data is stored in a hacker-unfriendly environment, and we do not sell our data to anyone.

    What if I have any problems with the site?
    If you have any problems setting up your profile, or using the site, you can contact us by email or phone.

    Who’s behind Retired Worker?

    Retired Worker was created, and is owned by, Sarah Welstead and Max Stocker. Sarah is the president of StayAwake (www.stayawake.tv), a marketing company in downtown Toronto. Max is the brains behind Really Useful Computing (www.reallyusefulcomputing.com), a website and database consultancy, also located in Toronto.

    Linda Welstead (Director of Market Development and Sarah’s mom) was the inspiration for the site: It was her retirement in 2002 that alerted Sarah and Max that there was no service for retired people who wanted to work on a part-time, casual, or seasonal basis. In most cases, when a niche like this is identified, it doesn’t take long for a solution to appear: someone in the target market would build a website in their basement and it would grow organically – without big corporate backing – simply because the pent-up demand was so great. But while internet use is growing fastest among people 55+, few have the advanced programming skills required to create a site like Retired Worker – the solution had to come from somewhere outside the demographic.