Immigration Lawyers Talk about Whether Trump is Good for Business

Immigration Lawyer Mississauga is often questioned if business is pretty good in Trump’s office. The work of immigration lawyers is to alleviate the human suffering by offering secure path to prosperity. The path will help in saving a victim of persecution, leaf new opportunities, and bring a family together. It shouldn’t wind through a minefield.  However, under Trump, this is what they are doing.

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Practice of Immigration Law in Trump Era

The stress of doing the work of an immigration lawyer is nothing in comparison to what their clients are going through. However, this doesn’t mean that it is easy.

There are processing delays across the board and the best immigration lawyer  will not be able to tell the clients whether that he/she is giving will be null and void by the tweet made in the evening.

There are hardly any routine cases anymore.  Thus, the lawyers have to say that there is nothing that they can do for them. They do this even if there is a way and the clients are terrified.

The question is if the legal basis of the asylum going to change and the good law stay and whether the law will change in the mid process. Also, it raises the question of there is a chance to re-file before being placed for the deportation proceedings.

The law is changing to shifting sands. There are cases which are being delayed because the attorney general has made it harder for the Central Americans to qualify for the asylum on the basis of domestic or gang violence.

People might feel that the clients of the Immigration Lawyer Mississauga who have entered legally and whose immigration hasn’t expired yet, the administration will not go after them.  However, USCIS is making it easier to deny cases and thereafter include them in the overburdened immigration court for the purpose of deportation.

The administration is making use of chaos to be an offensive tactic. If the system is unpredictable, people will either not or apply for protection. As a matter of fact, they might retreat into hiding for later removal and apprehension.  The administration is pretty adamant on making as many people vulnerable for deporting as soon as possible.

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Understanding Deportation Machine

People seeking asylum will relate tales of the manner in which the law isn’t working in their countries like police supporting the criminal gangs, no chance to tell your part of the story, and bribery as the standard operating procedure.  Immigration Lawyer Mississauga has mentioned that similar things are happening in United States.  Irrespective of having a court order that mandates them to meet the client, they are barred from doing this.

The immigration lawyer is given the task to coax lawful status out of the system which has been reprogrammed as deportation machine. The deportation for the people who are living in the country has already increased without any proper reason, the access to counsel has been denied. As a matter of fact, the higher offices in the land have issued dehumanizing language regarding the clients.

The clients of the Immigration Lawyer Mississauga are treated like criminals but do not have to go through the due process that the criminals get. In the immigration court, the judges have been robbed of autonomy pressurized to take decisions as soon as possible.

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